Instead of going directly to college after high school like most of my friends, I decided to take a "gap year".

I went to Ecuador through Global Citizen Year, a program specifically designed for students post-high school and pre-college. (You may check out my intro and blog at their website here.)

Reflecting on that year, I simply cannot imagine my life had I not chosen to live and experience life in Puerto Quito.

This page is a brief catalog of my blog writings starting from the beginning.

May 2012 I made the decision to go on a gap year! : my love year adventure.

August 2012 Global Citizen Year hosted a two-week training seminar in California to meet the other fellows and receive training to start our year abroad : FALL TRAINING! 

I found out my specific in-country placement for the year : Puerto Quito, Pichincha, Ecuador

October 2012 I move to Puerto Quito & my gap year truly begins : 

May 2013 I'm Home!

February 2014 Not quite a year after I left, I went back to Ecuador to take photos and be with my beloved friends, family and community before my mission. I bought the plane tickets. , un poco del fútbol Honey, I'm hoome! , more ecuaphotos!

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