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journal excerpts: oct. 4, 2014 (mission miracles)

a mission story

"Miracles from my awkwardess:

We were late for an appointment because we were trying to find parking (our lives in L.A.). We finally found one that was mega-pequeño [super small], but we decided to make it work.

I was STRUGGLING.. kind of frustrated. A man driving by stopped to laugh at the situation. No joke. Rude! But then he got out of his car and directed me on how to park. Haha. It was great. We talked to him afterward and it turns out that he almost got baptized in El Salvador before he moved here -- what! He's in a different area, but we found a former investigator with a baptismal date through not being able to park! Ha.

THEN, we ran into an investigator we haven't talked with since August. We taught him the very next day and he is so ready!

THEN, we met a woman who began crying when we shared a message of the Restoration with her.


(the best parallel parking job i have ever done in my entire life..)
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