Monday, May 7, 2012


Sometimes you can walk past something a thousand times and never see how absolutely breath-taking it is. 

Usually my nights are spent working on whatever homework assignment I have inevitably put off until the last minute or attempting to make my sewing skills less feeble or, well, sleeping (definitely more of the first two).

A few days ago, though, I took a second to walk outside and look at the world from my Iowa perspective. Not just glance at it while I walked past, onto the next item on my checklist. Really look.

My defeated, little camera just could not quite capture the pure, white glow of the moon etched into the background of a quiet and spacious field. 

The simple but refined beauty of a mowed field spotted with weeds (which, to me, are just as gorgeous as any flower). 

My camera lost any trace of those heavenly stars, flickering, but constant. 



And it completely failed to record the soft breeze that brought sweet smells of fresh, chilled air, newly cut grass and spring

Those are moments that will only be able stay in my memories, and in my words that I pour into this little blog.

I have a few months left in Iowa, and I want to spend so much more of that time really looking and really seeing the moments around me. The precious, pulchritudinous and just plain pretty moments.  And  focus on loving every second of those lovely moments. 

Because what is life if not a string of moments?


  1. Lovely. You are an amazingly talented writer. And you're right. That view is gorgeous, weeds & all.

  2. THANK YOU. and weeds ARE gorgeous. :)

  3. Love this Sydni! It inspires me to do the same. I don't think I have done enough of that being and seeing without rushing lately! Thank you!

  4. Beautiful thoughts and a great reminder. I need to slow down and appreciate what is around me. You make me smile every time I see you!

  5. thank you so much! i am so happy it reminded and inspired you -- writing is my favorite thing in the whole world and i hope to use my writing to have an impact in a positive way more often.


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