Saturday, November 17, 2012

mi casa

This is the outside of my house. I live on one of the two main streets in Peurto Quito, so I´m surrounded by busninesses (and loud music).

My chickens. My family just bought two more chickens -- a rooster and a chicken, like these two. The two roosters constantly fight (and keep all of us up at night), so they are killing the smaller rooster (the one in this photo) to eat...

my room


the inside of my house. That gate divides our yard from our house. My living room, kitchen, dining room and basically the majority of my house is outside. 

my living room

My kitchen has an oven, which many people in the Puerto Quito don´t have.

My really sweet dogs that everyone is scared of -- probably because they bark like maniacs at everyone that passes by and they have bitten off someone´s nose before....but they are really sweet!


I live outside so seeting giant moths, geckos and, unfortunately, lots of mosquitos in the house is a common occurance.

Next on my Ecuadorian adventure: Otavalo, Ecuador

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  1. What an adventure Sydni! So fun to see pictures of your house. Sure miss you around here!


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