Saturday, November 10, 2012


I´m sorry I can´t get you anything cool.. or really anything at all.


I can write you a blog post.

TWENTY things that I love about you on your TWENTIETH birthday:

I love..

1. that I´ve know you for so long. You´re my best friend! (Also, because I´ve known you for so long, I have plenty of blackmail.)

2. your creativity

3. that you´re willing to do crazy things with me

4. along with that, you have the craziest ideas for things we can do..

5. your talents

5. that you´re good with kids

6. that you know how to make a girl feel special

7. the fact that you´re scared of sharks. (I feel like it makes my life more entertaining.. just kidding! sort of..okay, I´m not kidding at all)

8. that you´re a hard worker. Specifically, you´re a hard-working missionary

9. that you always act like you love the presents I give you (even if we both know they´re on the lame side)

10. knowing that you would do anything for me 

11. that you make THE BEST chicken -- which I miss a ton! (& you´re a good cook in general)

12. that you´re not very good at board game type games (which I love because I can always win)

13. that you can do a backhand spring

14. that you will always take a picture with me, even if it´s the millionth one

15. that my family loves you too

16. that you´re willing to try new things

17. that I can talk to you for hours and it fews like only a few minutes

18. that you have a lot of supporters

19. that you do the sweetest things for me

20. & I love dating you!


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