Wednesday, March 19, 2014

ER Stories 2: It's a Boy!

Before I worked as an ER Tech in the States, I worked as a CNA in a little clinic in Puerto Quito, Ecuador.

We have a small Emergency Room and I got a lot of hands-on experience with the burning, the broken and the bleeding (and I loved it).


In this little clinic, we have a small room dedicated to giving birth. I knew about it, but in the six months I had been working at Patronato, we had never used it.

On February 7, 2013 I came into work to find that little room occupied by a doctor, nurse and mother in labor.

Um, what?

I stood outside the door for five minutes wondering if it was appropriate to knock on the door and ask to help. I tend to over think things. I finally decided it was an opportunity I could not pass up, and knocked.

"¿Quién es?" I recognized Dr. Rios' voice. "Sydni," I replied and he immediately opened the door, welcoming me inside; but not before he instructed me to scrub in.

In my excitement I forgot to take off my dorky earrings; and now those circular Ecuadorian-colored paper earrings will live in infamy in my favorite Ecuadorian story.

The actual birth was... gross.

To see the baby take its first breath... I have no words. It was fascinating and beautiful and perfect. 

This experience is one of my most cherished memories.

(Oh, and it's a boy!)

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