ER Stories

In high school, I became a Certified Nursing Assistant. I used that certification in a small health clinic in Ecuador and then as an ER Tech in the States.

love the ER. I love the quick-thinking, fast-acting and always-on-the-go environment. I also happen to be a little bit of a healthcare nerd and love medical gore.

So without further adieu, 

here is the cataloged list of my most memorable ER Stories:

ER Stories 1: Ruptured Achilles Tendon

ER Stories 2: It's a Boy!

ER Stories 3: DNR (Do Not Resuscitate) 

ER Stories 4: Medical Gore

ER Stories 5: Dislocated Hip

ER Stories 8: Burnt Skin

ER Stories 9: Suicidal Thoughts

ER Stories 10: Under the Influence

ER Stories 11: Foreign Body (Eyes, Ears, Mouth & Nose!) 

ER Stories 12: Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA)

ER Stories 13: Longboarding & Steep Hills, #seniors2K14

ER Stories 14: ER Problems

ER Stories 15: Under the Influence part2 #selfie 

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