Wednesday, May 21, 2014

ER Stories 11: Foreign Body (Eyes, Ears, Mouth & Nose!)

Note: These posts are intentionally vague (with no names, ages, or dates) so as to protect patient confidentiality. These stories are random and their publication dates have no correlation to the dates they occurred.

Many of these foreign body cases aren't even handled by the ER Doctor; they are often handed over to a physician who specializes in Ear, Nose, Throat Care. This post is not meant to be an educational how-to-treat these cases, but rather a blog post of my personal account of how certain, specific (freaking cool) cases have been treated. Really what I am saying to you here, is let's not try this at home folks.

Kids have a tendency to stick objects where they're not supposed to go.

Turns out, adults do that too.

Foreign Object in Eye

Do you see it? It's that tiny little speck in his eyelid that's not supposed to be there.

In a similar case in my ER, the doctor numbed the eye with medicated eye drops, flipped the lid up and removed the object with the Q-tip.

Simple, but a little gross..

Foreign Object in Ear

In Patronato, we removed a bug from a child's ear.. aaand that is the extent of my knowledge of foreign bodies in ears.

Here are gross pictures of things in people's ears:

(Dry tissue paper in ear)

Swallowed Foreign Object

HERE: This is the funniest, best medical blog post I have found. Nicole Angemi is a Pathologist's Assistance who keeps a blog of her fascinating work at In this blog post she writes about some of the crazy things she has surgically removed from patients.

(things like this:)

(and these)

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