Wednesday, April 9, 2014

ER Stories 5: Dislocated Hip

Note: These posts are intentionally vague (with no names, ages, or dates) so as to protect patient confidentiality. These stories are random and their publication dates have no correlation to the dates they occurred.

My first dislocated hip.

Very cool older woman with a great sense of humor.

Two nurses, me (ER Tech) and the doctor.

The doctor administers sedative, making the patient sleepy.

(We know she is out of it when she says "Doctor... I amm soo glwaoudd yoaahuu........ greaaaaadfdfa .. peeeee... ajlwoudlfajadfljad....")

One nurse charts.

Second nurse holds patient's hips.

 I help hold the rest of the patient.

Doctor props his knee up onto the bed and proceeds manipulating the leg. The goal is to put the bone back into its socket (called reduction).


This video does a slightly better job:
(WARNING: It's gross.)

I have seen blood and guts and cuts and vomit and poop and pus , and none of that has ever made me feel faint..

..but there is something about all of the twisting and bone rubbing and body parts bending in ways they shouldn't that makes the room spin around me.

I'm going to take a seat, drink some water, think about anything but bones or sweet old ladies or excruciatingly painful procedures and go ahead and cross "orthopedic surgeon" off of my list of possible future careers.


Now let's all make ourselves feel better by watching these GIFs of an adorable bunny eating her lettuce in the most adorable way:

The 33 Most Important Bunny GIFs On The Internet

The 33 Most Important Bunny GIFs On The Internet

Is that better?

135 "30 Rock GIFs"...Just Because

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