Wednesday, April 2, 2014

may i rant a moment?

I greatly dislike it when female missionaries are referred to as "sister missionaries".

It would be okay if the male missionaries are referred to as "elder missionaries", but in my experience they're usually not.

Often times it seems to be the missionaries and the sister missionaries.


It makes me a little sick to be "the other".

When I am working in the ER, I would never say "Your woman doctor is going to see you in a few minutes."


Am I explaining myself well?



 Doctor                          Doctor

 Artist                          Artist

Teacher                     Teacher

Lawyer                      Lawyer

Nurse                       Nurse 

Soldier                       Soldier

Astronaut                  Astronaut

Missionary                 Missionary

Do whatever you want. 

Say whatever you want. 

Being referred to as a "sister missionary" instead of a "missionary" will not hurt my feelings.

I am just throwing my ideas out into the world 

and letting you know that as a woman preparing to serve a mission, I feel a great deal more of respect being referred to as a missionary.

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