Saturday, April 28, 2012

a letter & a letter

(practicing taking blood pressure manually)

oh, hey. guess what i did today..

I PASSED STATE TESTING. i am now a CERTIFIED Nursing Assistant - a CNA. 

i am so excited! dream summer job, here i come.

cherry on top of the summer job cupcake: a letter from chris!

some pictures of his week:

 You were probably expecting something prettier, right? 

In his own words, "It has been a good week, but a painful one."

Tuesday he ran into a parked car. Totalled his bike. On Thursday he got into yet another bike accident (I think he borrowed a bike after wrecking his) in which he scraped up his face, ruined his new pants and got himself lots of bruises. And then , on Saturday, Chris & his companion were forced to walk home because Chris got a flat (...), and some lovely people driving past him (at 45 miles per hour, i may add) threw a slushy at him. That's right. Elder Stott got slushied. (Have you ever seen The Glee Project?) He says it was extremely painful and he now has a bruise on his stomach shaped like a cup.

things that could only happen to Elder Stott.

On the bright side, he went treasure hunting this week!


  1. Hooray for CNA! Boo for accidents and slushy attacks.

  2. So does this mean that you are destined to use your nursing skills to provide assistance to an accident-prone returned missionary?

  3. Ha ha! Laurie, you made me laugh!

    I'll bet Elder Stott is one of those wonderful missionaries who takes all the bumps and bruises in stride and with a smile on his face (okay maybe not in the moment, but afterwards!) If not, you can tell him we are all smiling for him! ;)

  4. i will definitely tell him! he does smile and laugh about it.... after the fact, ha.

    the saddest/most amusing part of the whole situation is that his brother is serving in tijuana, mexico... and chris, in comfy glendale, is the one who ends up with the most injury stories.


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