Wednesday, February 6, 2013

¿Conoces La Pirámide de Alimentación?

Rainy season has temporarily brought a decline in patients, and I have a new cumpeñera, which means I have a lot more down time at work. In that free time, I have taken to doing little projects around the clinic, like this food pyramid poster I put in the waiting room:

By the end of my bridge year, I expect these walls to be filled with informational posters. I am currently working on a poster about taking care of your body when you’re pregnant. (We own the only ultrasound machine in Puerto Quito and the surrounding area, so many of our patients sitting in this room are excitedly waiting to see their unborn baby!)

All the “food” on this poster is velcroed on, so the idea is to take them all off, guess where they go on the pyramid and then check if you’re right. (It is geared to children, but I have heard many adult patients discussing food portions and how their diet relates to the recommendation of this Pirámide de Alimentación.)

(If you’re interested in humanitarian blogs, particularly about health care, I stumbled upon a really neat blog [while researching ideas for these posters, ironically] about a small organization trying to help maternal health care in Honduras here:

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