Saturday, June 14, 2014

why my dad is not allowed to cut my hair

Once when I was little I saw my dad cutting my brothers' hair.

I was jealous and my bangs were getting a little long.

"Can you cut my hair too, Dad?" 

Being the awesome dad that he is, he obliged five-year-old me.

But it turns out cutting boys' hair is different than cutting girls' hair.

He cut my bangs and they were crooked...

so he cut them a little shorter..

and a little shorter..

until my bangs were really short.

That night ended with lots of tears, an angry "NOW I LOOK LIKE XAVIER!!!" and a very dorky haircut.

(As you can see I was not exaggerating.) 

Happy Father's Day, Dad! I'm glad you're my dad and not my stylist. I LOVE YOU.

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