Saturday, June 21, 2014

Moscow Adventures

We took the metro to Red Square & sight saw until our feet were aching....

some of the things I learned in Russia today:
+Moscow's population is 11.5 million people (2010 census). Compare that to New York City which has 8.4 million (2012 census).
[a personal observation: +Moscow has a lot of hipsters.]
+The only thing harder than navigating Moscow traffic is finding a place to park.
+..which is why the metro subway system into Moscow is so extensive. 

+The Moscow Kremlin is like the Russian White House (fourth picture down).
+The president lives in it.
+Also residing in its walls is the preserved body of the former leader, Vladimir Lenin. His body has been on display in the Kremlin since his death in 1942. 
+A statue of Lenin is also featured in front of the government building of my family's town of Lipetsk.
+Moscow was established in about 1147. It celebrates its 867th birthday this year. 

I am so happy to have had the experience of seeing some of the old architecture of Moscow and learning some of the history behind it. 

the steeeeep escalator going in&out of the metro

another shot of the beautiful metro

the first view walking out of the metro...

The Moscow Kremlin

Remember the "little rusisan preview" blog? I got to see it in real life!

this is the Russian parliament.. but I forgot the official name of it..
random street shot of awkward American Sydni

...and a cute little souvenir to remember the adventure.


  1. looks soOoOoOo cool syd!!! so happy for you that you've gotten to go on this trip.

    1. thanks, delia! it was super cool , but not quite ecuacool :) hope your trip this summer is amazing!

  2. great shots!!!! this looks like an amazing place to travel. definitely adding it to my dream destinations!

    1. thank you! i don't think i would have thought to go there had my family not moved to russia, but it is SUCH a cool place & you would not regret visiting it!


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