Sunday, June 1, 2014

como hacer patacones / how to make patacones

ingredients: plantains, cooking oil, salt

...that's it.

step one: heat up a pan filled with cooking oil

step two: cut the plantain into pieces as such ~

step three: cook the plantain slices in oil

step four: prepare a bowl of water mixed with salt

remove the patacones from the oil.

step six: using a flat surface, such as a cup, squish the patacones. 
they will look like this:

step seven: soak the patacones in the salt water

step eight: ((classic Ecuadorian style)) cook them in oil again

remove from oil, aaaand Well-ah!



  1. I want to try this!!!!

    1. you should! & then you should tell me how you like them! they're one of my favorite Ecuadorian foods.


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