Tuesday, July 8, 2014

This is Sydni's Mother.

This is Sydni's mother.

Proving to Sydni that I am capable of managing her blog while she is on her mission.

Spock - If you say so
If you say so....

I have so many feelings, so many things, racing through my mind.

Too Many Thoughts

You used to be my baby girl.
You still are.  Despite what my (I used to think he was smart) husband says.

excited baby

Now you are leaving.  For 18 months. 

See Ya Later
See ya.  I got places to go.

And I couldn't be more excited or more proud.

smile animated GIF

No.  Really.  Excited and proud.

Okay.  Maybe I'm having some mixed emotions.

But I know you will be great.  
And you will be blessed.
And the people of Los Angeles will be blessed as well.

I am proud of you.  

And I love you.

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