Wednesday, January 14, 2015

a real love story.

I like a good chick flick from time to time...
[okay.. I'm understating things here..
I love a good chick flick]

One of my favorite chick flicks is The Notebook.

Did you know it's completely made up?
The Notebook taught me that real love is passionate and pain comes with the territory. It taught me that real love sweeps you off your feet and you can never recover from  it.


I also adore Pride and Prejudice.

That's made up too!
Pride and Prejudice taught me that if I wait long enough a rich, attractive, socially awkward but ridiculously sweet Mr. Darcy will come into my life.


..and, something more modern and less chick-flicky.. I love the Hunger Games as well!

...and guess what..

The Hunger Games taught me that even if you tell him to go away fifty million times, if he really loves you he will love you until you love him back.


I love a good chick flick, but sometimes I get really tired of fake "true love" stories.

From watching Cinderella find her Prince Charming in grade school to seeing the latest pop-culture movie as a twenty-one-year-old, I have been bombarded with what "real love" is really like.

The other day I read an article, written from a husband's perspective of his wife's struggle with mental illness.

It's called:

"My Lovely Wife in the Psych Ward"
by Mark Lukach

"Giulia and I fell in love effortlessly, in our carefree teens. We’ve now loved each other desperately, through psychosis. At our wedding we promised this to each other: to love each other and stick together in good times and in bad. In hindsight, we also should have promised to love each other when life is normal. It’s those normal days, now transformed by crisis, that have strained our marriage most. I realize no mad map is going to keep Giulia out of the hospital, nor prevent us from fighting over her care. But the faith required to try to plan a life together feels good and grounding. I’m still willing to do almost anything to make Giulia smile."

Thank you, Mark and Guiliana Lukach, for telling a real love story.

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