Friday, December 12, 2014

First Week Home from the Mission

This week I came home from my mission.

Hetalia Life  Challenge animated GIF

It's very confusing to be back in Iowa..

84 Years

I keep trying to read my texts aloud to everyone... It confuses them...


And I keep looking around for my companion....

..and then I realize I don't have one anymore..
I miss Hermana Yanez and Bossa and Mocellin and Diaz and WHY AREN'T THEY IN MY LIFE ANYMORE

I prefer EFY songs to Taylor Swift..
Happy Dance
(In fact I am listening to "Look Up" right now)

I am now one of those people who start every other sentence with "One time on my mission.."

...And the worst part....
I am far more awkward than initially anticipated...

what happens:



But, alas, it's good to be back..

very happy man

(more awkward Returned Missionary stories to come as they unfold..)

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