Monday, October 6, 2014



We see the sign everyday.

My companion is very patient so she has yet to get sick of me saying "Hermana, estamos en HOLLYWOOD!" every morning.

My ward is the most amazing and supportive ward in existence. I am so excited to really get to know them all. This may just be self-appointed nickname, but this ward is card "The Ward of Stars".

I don't know if Sadie Taylor is on her mission yet or not, but I think she should know that David Archuleta visited this ward a few weeks ago.

I'm serving my mission in Hollywood. No big deal.

Anyway. Now I will tell you about real missionary things.

I am star-struck by the fact that I am in Hollywood (I don't know if you noticed or not..), but in all reality this week has been pretty exhausting. This is the 3rd time in three months that I had start over with everything and learn to work with a new companion, ward members and missionaries. It's hard, and tiring, but it's such an adventure. & clearly something is going right, because I feel incredibly happy.

As missionaries, we talk to everyone we see and we invite them to come closer to Jesus Christ. It sounds awkward. Sometimes it is awkward, but most of the time it is inspiring and happy and interesting and fun. Yesterday we met a man standing outside of his house. We started talking to him, and he eventually told us that his wife and kids recently left him. In the moment leading up to our conversation, he told us he was praying to God for angels. He said that not seconds after he had said that prayer, we crossed the street to talk and said hello. He said "I asked for angels, and here you are."

My new companion is Sister Mocellin. She's from France! She had to learn English AND Spanish to come to her mission here! She is really fun. We have had a stressful week with this adjustment and a crazy amount of meetings on top of normal missionary work, but we still laugh a lot and have fun. This 1/2 transfer in Hollywood with Sister Mocellin will be a crazy, fun adventure.

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  1. A little message to Sister Heron: Hermana te dije que te sentirias feliz de estar en L.A. Conozco la sensacion de levantarce y no creer que estas alli...crea muchas memorias porque es todo lo que regresara contigo a casa. Me siento orgullosa de tus esfuerzon en L.A.


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