Sunday, September 28, 2014

that one time I got mid-cycle transferred to Hollywood

THE CRAZIEST THING JUST HAPPENED. While I was writing this, we got a phone call from one of the Assistants to the President, AND I AM GETTING MID-CYCLE TRANSFERRED TO HOLLYWOOD.

WHAT IS THIS EVEN. So tomorrow I'll be serving in Hollywood.. just btw... hahaha.. my life is the strangest..

It's been an amazing week for me personally. I am starting to LIKE my mission.. not just love, hate it, but actually like/enjoy every day. I feel really happy. For a few months before coming on my mission I got really depressed. It was really hard, and depression took a lot from me. I was feeling better before I left, but I don't know that I was happy. I feel happy now. Without a doubt happy. It is such a contrast to what the last year was for me, and I am super, unbelievably grateful every day to feel this way.

Hermana DuPaix and I are seeing a lot of success in our area. I'm not sure exactly why, but we have been working super mega hard and trying to really rely on the Lord every day. We have seen so many amazing things happen since we've started working together here in Carson.

One of our investigators is getting baptized this Sunday! I can't name names, but I wish I could because she is AMAZING. She has had a lot of difficulties in her life, but it doesn't matter to her. She sees the goodness and happiness in everything. She has a ailment that hardens her bones. She sometimes struggles to do menial tasks like tying her shoe. I can't imagine how frustrating that would be, but she never gets frustrated. She thanks us every time we see her. Every time we come over she says "Seesters!" in her cute Spanish accent. [For the record she actually has solid English skills, and that's from only learning it on the street.] Two days ago she told us about how much happier and better she has been since we met her. She says she used to be depressed and sometimes couldn't even get out of bed, but now she loves to be outside and talk to people and she just feels so much happier. I am so absolutely beyond excited for her.

I have been on my mission for casi 3 months, and I have changed SO much. It's crazy. I cannot imagine how much I will have learned and grown in 18 months of this.

oh btw I am being affected by the mid-cycle transfer.. I did nothing to cause it.. I am an obedient missionary :p

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