Tuesday, June 16, 2015

writing confession..

I am not a very good writer when I am happy!

As odd as it is, pain inspires me. It pushes me. It teaches me.

I am trying to learn how to be a happy writer, and it's an odd journey..


  1. Oh, I missed your blog :)

    I'm never a good writer. I'm awful with words, but I really enjoy writing, especially poetry.

    1. hehe aww
      now i'm really back!

      thanks so much! i can't read all of your blog posts (language barrier haha), but if your writing is half as good as your photography, i know it's amazing. your photos tell so much of a story anyway.

      thanks for your comment!!

  2. I find that the most touching, most powerful write ups are those written in blood so to speak. Those that are from genuine pain. They are the most healing ones.

    I hope everything's okay.

    Keep writing please!

    1. It is so true.

      Everything is going so well in my world, that's why it is hard to write :) Thank you for your kind words!! I loved catching up a little on your blog today :)

  3. I understand completely. Writing when time are happy is a breeze. When it gets hard, that when the stories get hard to tell, but they just happen to be the ones that need to be told.


    1. so excited to see your new blog... thanks for your comment!!


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