Wednesday, February 4, 2015

my worst breakup, as told in music & Disney Princess GIFs

In honor of Valentine's Day next week.....

My longest lasting relationship depicted in music video and Disney Princess memes...

disney animated GIF

year one
(Vanilla Twilight, Owl City)

Aurora Disney animated GIF

year two
(Stay, Stay, Stay, Taylor Swift)

Disney Prince Eric animated GIF

year three
(Try, Pink)

Disney Disney Princess animated GIF

Disney Disney Princess animated GIF

year four
(Say Something, A Great Big World, Christina Aguilera)
Beast Belle animated GIF

to be honest 
after we broke up
there was a little bit of....

Charlotte Charlotte La Bouff animated GIF

okay... a lot of....

Aurora Cry animated GIF

but now i'm just like....
(Gagnan Style, Psy)

Disney Funny animated GIF

Disney Distress animated GIF

Cartoons & Comics Disney animated GIF

Disney Disney Princess animated GIF

Colors Of The Wind Disney animated GIF

Disney Disney Princess animated GIF

Disney Disney Princesses animated GIF

3d Cool animated GIF

Ariel Disney animated GIF


  1. This is toooooo goooood. You are creative, what can I say. Made me smile :) love you!

  2. ok I'm very sorry about your break up but these gifs are just awesome and I laughed through the whole post to be honest :D
    and concerning your question: the dots is actually an rumpled aluminium foil - and by focusing something in the foreground (for example a camera) it became blurred.
    and also thank you for your lovely words♥

    1. that is really cool.. i am going to try that & i'll let you know if it's even close to as good as yours haha :)

      & thank you for your kind words!

  3. cool post!!!!! Coldplay - Scientist!!! My fav song when Im down!! High Five! xx

    1. i recently discovered the song, and i am so grateful i did.


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